3RD - 4TH OCT 2020

I will not negotiate who I am. If I negotiate who I am for you, I will fit in with you. But I will no longer belong with myself. That is self-betrayal. - Brene Brown.


Have you lost yourself in the “name of love” or have you found yourself?

As women we can be well educated, well exposed, balanced and ambitious individuals until we meet a man and fall in love. Then all hell breaks loose!

We become irrational, insecure, unsure, individuals who don’t know whether we are coming or going. We will borrow money to keep the men, try to keep them with our bodies and when that doesn’t work, we manipulate and threaten them to “change for us, stay with us, or else…!” We say we are done and can’t take this anymore, griping to our girlfriends who are in similar situationships and therefore cannot help us!

And this loss of self COULD become exacerbated in marriage. We sink into despair and depression and wonder what life is all about. Then one day we wake up and look into the mirror, and stare in shock and horror at the fragments of the confident woman we once were and wonder how we got here!

Now listen my sister, love is not the issue. Falling in love is not the issue. Getting married is not the issue. The issue is understanding what love is, overcoming self-defeating patterns in “romantic relationships” and learning to love ourselves so fiercely that our significant other can’t resist being in love with us.

How can we thrive in love?

This is what this weekend is about! It’s about you making a clear and decisive call to end C.R.A.P. cycles, to stop the unending obsession of trying to fix another or trying to get someone to love you. It is about ending the self-hatred of “what is wrong with me” and the self-betrayal of “maybe I am just too much.”

This is not about money or time; it’s about a healed, whole and restored self to enjoy wholesome love relationships! It is about us learning how WE CAN THRIVE in love.

So yes it’s for all women whether single, about to get married or married, separated, divorced or contemplating separation, come sort yourself out first!

Block off these dates 3RD - 4TH OCT 2020. Starting 7.00am on 3rd October and ending at 4.00pm on 4th October.

Disclaimer here: I am a tough coach! I am a firm coach! But I am also a compassionate coach who understands the deepest inmost needs of women and the steps and tools of moving them forward.

Limited spaces assigned and locked on first come basis!

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Please invite your girl friends who you have been pity-partying/whining with. You all need to speak a new language of love and hold each other to account. And please do indicate that you are together so we can allocate you room next to each other.

We are coming as a group, do we get a discount?

Here is my final request to you: We all need restoration in this area! Come with a heart of humility, an open mind and trust God and the process! I KNOW He will do it in us!

See you all then!