The marathon was the only option for me because I never have time. My work depends on other people and involves a lot of travel that is unpredictable. If I didn’t do it at the time, I would never have done.[...]
- Pauline  (Alabastron Marathon Season 2)

What's holding you?

A few weeks on enrolling for class, this is what Agnes said to her friend and colleague Lucy
who introduced her to the Alabastron Renewing Self Program.

 You think you know, then you realize there is so much that you did not know. I cancel any trip that fall within the days that l have class.
This is the best thing that happened to me.
l am very grateful, thank you, thank you.
I have to share this with others - Agnes  (Season 26)

 It's time to

Know WHAT you want


to find your IT

-Laimani Bidali (Founder Alabastron)

Equipping women to live significantly
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Real Take Outs From Real Women
  I now relate with GOD not as society dictates but a genuine fellowship with GOD.
   I’m spending quality time and not quantity time with my family. I’m letting people be who they are
   I have started loving and treating myself and appreciating who I am and giving myself a break!
   My relationships have meaning I can express myself without feeling judged or watched over.

I Had Every Odd Against Me...

Alabastron was always on my to do list. I got to learn of the Alabastron 2 weeks Marathon from the website though I had known about Alabastron for quite some time.

A girl friend of mine who we did Mizizi (a discipleship program) together did the Alabastron regular and interested me.
My husband and I had a long discussion about some things that were not really working in my life and [...]

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- Christine's transformation story

 Have you gotten to a point in life where you are so frustrated? Nothing is working out any more. Come to Alabastron. For me it has been a journey of self discovery. I have come to know my freedom. My relationship with God has been transformed I can now approach His throne with confidence. I can handle well any issues that I couldn't handle in my life before alabastron. I would encourage every women outside there to enrol for this program that you may be able to start over your life again; a life of fulfilment, contentment and everlasting joy.

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  •  there is no shortcut or secret to living a meaningfully abundant and fulfilling life, and serving at your utmost for your highest purpose. It is a composite of your beliefs, fears you have, your self-image, your thoughts, your actions and habits, as well as how big and great you are willing to play  
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