DATE: Wed 19th May 2021


TIME: 8:00PM




As women, we go through so much in our lives from the time we are born. Every woman has a story to tell about her life and though it might not be the same, each story has an impact on the holder. The impact could be negative or positive depending on the emotions the stories evoke. And naturally, those that awaken negative emotions like fear, anger, sadness, rage and loneliness are the ones that affect us most. We have actually made ourselves one with those stories so much that we describe ourselves using them. Its time to separate ourselves from them. Its time to receive Inner Healing.

With these unprecedented times we are in, our emotional wellbeing is not the healthiest. We have had to make tough decisions and changes to ensure we survive. This has taken a huge toll on our emotions adding on to the negative stories that we already have about ourselves. Before we know it will be too much to handle. It is therefore URGENT that we take action NOW.

We are inviting you to our Open Day on 19th May 2021 on ZOOM from 8:00pm to start a journey of Inner Healing. Register Below.

Call +254719504104 or +25415966700 for more information.


alabastron open day
alabastron open day

A Bold Shift to Heal From Anger and Embrace Peace

Life throws many things at everyone. Sometimes you are in rhythm with life like a river accurately meandering on its riverbanks. Other times you are barely grasping for air as you drown. It is during these moments that we can easily get engulfed into the motions. Anger is one of the most common emotions we feel intensely. This is because we feel that we lack of control on everything; not knowing what to look forward to. Thereby, anger can easily become a norm.

How then should a woman facing life's unpredictable situations without holding on to anger? Patricia shared how she has embraced peace and returned back to her rightful position in her life below.

I came to know about Alabastron through Facebook. At the time, I was in a bad shape emotionally. I was totally drained and my life had no purpose. I was living life dead! I scrolled through the comments on the post and I knew this is a place I want to be. I attended the open day and I made a decision to join the Renewing Self Program. The best decision I ever made in my life.

I was angry at life. I had failed relationships, betrayed by people I thought were my friends, and to top it up I had a failed business through a trusted employee. This made me bitter and resentful. I picked fights with everyone. I resulted to neglecting myself because I felt I didn't deserve anything or anyone worthy in my life. I ended up an alcoholic. [...]


Why YOU should join us?

During this gathering, we will have a discussion on why we need to allow ourselves to experience INNER HEALING. What attitudes we should embrace or cultivate for that healing to begin. For some of us we’ve had to take pay cuts, move houses, move even counties and countries, move our working spaces, move our eating plans and even how we relate with people at various levels, yet still, life moves on.

We will talk about how to ensure you are not draining from the pressure but you are more alert on how you can use these circumstances towards developing yourself to BECOME the woman you know you can BECOME. SEE YOU AT THE OPEN DAY!!



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