Redefine Yourself
Alabastron Open Day Season 38
As women, we have answered to so many names – some positive, some negative.
How do you define yourself? Or rather, how has society defined you?
What do you answer to?

Evelyn, alumni of the Renewing Self Program says,

   “One of the labels I had allowed to define me for a long period of my life was ‘Single Mum’. I chose to drop this label. Let’s be honest, what do we think immediately someone calls herself a single mum? Disgrace to the family, shame to the family, burden to the family, promiscuous, why couldn’t you wait for marriage, why couldn’t you keep your marriage together? And the list goes on! Yes! Isn’t this what we often do? I refuse to allow a cloud of shame to hover over my life. I am intentionally replacing the label of ‘single mum’ with a fine crown. This crown says I am a blessed mother who is happily single and satisfied. Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts and privileges bestowed on me by God. I am honored to be entrusted with the responsibility of raising a king in my son.”
Read her story here

Beyond being a woman, who are you?
Beyond being a mother, who are you?
Beyond being a wife, who are you?
Beyond being a sister, a colleague, a friend… who are you?
Come Re-define yourself!

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