About Miale Spiritual Confidence Class?

It is a class where we get to delve in to the struggles, clutter, disappointments of our spiritual life and emerge with praises, victories and the joy in God. Below are testimonies of previous participants. Have a look.



    At the beginning of the year, I decided that I wanted to work on my spirituality. I had a number of questions and worried that plagued my mind. Why was I Christian? I know precious little about God, how do I introduce Him to my kids? How can I be identified as a Christian without having to punctuate every sentence with a verse from the bible?

I had never participated in any program whose intent was to build my spirituality apart from attending church, nothing. So I was apprehensive. I had heard of people’s experiences at revivals and encounters and I half expected that there would be walking on water and levitation at some point.

Want to work on your spirituality?

It was nothing like that. Through each class I found a gentle and gradual revelation of who God is. This was often accompanied by a face to face meeting with me. The most challenging part for me was to take a good look at myself, acknowledge who I was seeing and stop running from what I saw. The most fulfilling part for me was applying the tools in the program to establish and build a relationship with God.

If at any time in your life you have realized that God was not at the center of your life. If you have ever asked yourself how do I place Him where He rightfully belongs?

If you have ever thought I am a Christian but why do I feel uncomfortable and even unwelcome around other Christians, take the Miale class and build your spiritualconfidence.

- by Caroline

    I am failing at everything; I don’t like the way God made me. The Lord is not helping me. My service is worthless. My gifting is useless. My growth is hopeless.

This was me before I came to Miale in a room full of darkness. And slowly Miale has taught me that I must go to the window and open the curtains to let the light of Christ break into the darkness of my soul.

I have learnt that when I am lost in the maze of confusion and chaos within, the best thing I can do is soak in the sunshine of God’s truth. I have learnt to go to the word, hear the voice of the Lord. I have learnt to spend more time looking to Christ than to myself and my faults and only in Him have I found myself.


Are you feeling like you don’t like the way God made you?


Miale Spiritual Confidence Class meets once a week either on Thursday or Saturday. During this time we discuss in detail our struggles, clutter, disappointments, praises, victories and the joy we have in God.
The commitment is 2 hours once a week for 18 weeks including 2 full day retreats You have the option of a day class on Saturday 7am to 9am or an evening class 6.00 to 8.30pm on Thursday.



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