The renewing self journey is a personal choice, even as much as the girls, sisters, colleagues, etc, have insisted you need to consider taking it up.

Those who have taken the decision are forever grateful they did.

Here is what some of them have to say

  I feel renewed, light, relieved, happy and energetic. For the first time in months, my migraines are gone and I can actually see where I am headed - Naomi Nm 6

  I feel like a shear that was blocking my eyes has been removed and I can now see all the beautiful colors clearly in my life. Now, all the flowers have color - Lily Nm6

  I feel free and happy. Genuinely happy. I have even started talking to colleagues whom I hadn’t realized I wasn’t talking to ( I had actually blocked them out ) - Maria NM6

  For the first time in my life, nothing gets to my nerves not even insults or bad comments about me. I feel so light and happy, and this time it is not a mask. It is coming from deep inside. I am so new - Lyndah NM6

  At first I didn’t think the programme will work. How I know it is working, on Saturday I visited my parents, I haven’t seen or talked to them for a long time on Sunday I sat next to a person I had sworn never to speak to and we had tea, table and laughed together. The anger, the bitterness and the resentment is all gone. - Martha NM6

  I feel like if someone doesn’t peg me to the ground or put stone weights on me I will fly away. I am so light and happy - Makena NM6

  I am now for the first time in three months able to experience God particularly in worship songs. I am now able to pray, something I had quit months ago - Lorraine NM6

  I am now able to be me and do things independently without necessarily involving my parents and my sister. I can finally get on without feeling obligated. - Mukami NM6


  I enrolled into the program because my mum wanted us to but in the process I discovered I had issues with my fiancé that had really made me very angry. I was equipped to be able to forgive and I learnt to not take things personally, as his actions do not define me. I also learnt to focus on the good in him. - Warugi Sn #9

  A colleague recommended to me the Princess Princessa program for my daughter. But personally I was struggling with my job, child, parents and relationships, and death in my family. My life was just hell! Confused, angry, bitter and disrespectful; I went through a process of unwinding my life. I am now at peace, humbled, relaxed, a better mum, ok with my boss, and I learning to let go of failed relationships. - Terry Sn #18

  I wanted to put away my past. I therefore stepped into this personal safari with a focus. I however did not know how to get what I wanted. It took courage to allow myself into unfamiliar territories of my life, some which I had conveniently forgotten. Today, I walk free of issues of my past that held me so tight and am able to move on.
- Caroline Alabastron Beautiful Sn #1

  I have realized it’s good to approach life with an open mind. I have been a very quiet person and it’s only through the renewing self process that I came to discover what all this was about. Now know that I am ok the way I am and I don’t have to force people to like me. I have learnt self-acceptance and am also able to accept other people for who they are and I don’t have to work hard to change them.
- Josephine Alabastron Beautiful Sn #1

  I knew there was something not right in my life but I did not know what it was. I had a low self-esteem, no boundaries and a lot was putting me down. Having completed the program I now feel lighter, have set boundaries and I have a relationship with God. - Elizabeth Sn #24

  I realized the main issue I had was to do with my late sister. I learnt that the only person I have control of is I. I am walking out confident, having been equipped to forgive and to have life in totality. I am patient and accept people the way they are. - Diana Sn #24


  I was just going through the motions of life…sleep, wake up, go to work, run my house hold and the cycle goes on. I wasn’t dealing with staff that needed to be worked on. During the process I discovered lots of issues that I have managed to work on, as such my life is more meaningful.
Iam working to rebuild my relationship with God and I have rediscovered my passions which I am now working on to live a more significant life. - Sharon Sn #24

  Alabastron has taught me to be confident and confortable with myself, remove masks that I have always used to hide who I am and share my life with others as an act of love. I have even become generous and have no problem sharing even when I have little. This new me I like her! I have learnt how to handle my friends and my enemies too.
- Njeri Alabastron Beautiful Sn #1

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