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Are you escorted to sleep?

What is the measure of success in life? What does success mean to you? Would you recognize success when you encounter it? This is a question that I struggled with.

We are all born into a world where we have a “to-do” list that is prewritten for us. The goals on this list, we are told, should help us find meaning in life. The society labels these goals in form of education, employment, marriage or even the amount of wealth one has accumulated within a given period! Unfortunately, when an individual is unable to fulfill these goals, they are labeled failures in life.

Despite achieving everything society expected me to achieve at my age, I was not happy. I had been divorced for about two years and I seemed not to be able to move from that space! I was stuck! Life did not make sense anymore. I felt like a failure!   I wanted peace and joy. I longed for a full night’s sleep!

I tried so many things to sort myself out but nothing worked! I read books, tried counseling and eventually turned to alcohol! I couldn’t sleep through the night without sleeping pills! I wanted peace and joy. I longed for a full night’s sleep!

One day in 2017 while bitterly venting to one of my colleagues, she STRONGLY recommended Alabastron. I had learnt about Alabastron from a friend in 2014. I ignored it! So when my colleague mentioned it, I thought…why not!

Two of my friends said Alabastron was a program that would help me understand and sort out my issues and learn how to deal with them.

I thought Alabastron was a Christian organization that would try to change me by praying for me, deliverance, laying hands and rebuking whatever demons I had! I was not particularly religious or prayerful so I was hesitant! Besides, I was already set in my ways!

But nonetheless, the need to work through my issues overrode my religious hang-ups. I finally attended the Open Day and decided to give it a go.   I am work in progress!

Fast forward…having attended the program, I do not feel stuck anymore! I now get to have a full night’s sleep without escorts…pills (LOL!). I recognize that I am work in progress.

I am learning to be peaceful, to forgive others and not to be angry with myself. I have forgiven ME!

I smile and laugh more. I am patient and I learnt to stick to facts rather than make up stories and this has improved my relationships

I am learning to be peaceful, to forgive others and not to be angry with myself. I have forgiven ME!

I would like to share these with the women reading this:   I smile and laugh more!

Take everything one day at a time. Forgive yourself for the things you might not have accomplished. Realize that tomorrow will come and it’s an opportunity to turn wrongs into rights. Don’t beat yourself up! It is okay to fall but it’s not okay to stay down. Always get back up and live one day at a time!

You are not alone!

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