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The Inner State Of Women In Kenya

- Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic

The immediate effects of the impact of COVID 19 pandemic have been felt first hand by women and girls. A UN policy brief on the impact of Covid 19 on women, indicates that there has been an increase gender-based violence cases and teenage pregnancies.

According to the government statics, the ratio of men dying from the virus is higher than women. This would result in economic and social insecurity for women and children. Reduced or loss of income as a result of retrenchments and closure of businesses, has only exacerbated the problem.

Six months ago, the first Covid-19 case was confirmed in Kenya. In the last three months, the effects of the virus on the country’s economic, social, health and political pillars has been unprecedented.

School children have been sent home, some workers have lost their jobs or been sent home on indefinite unpaid leave. The Government swiftly put in place measures to restrict movements both within the country and internationally and enforced social distancing in an effort to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.

This New Humanitarian story, shows the Government’s latest outsourced data on the rate of teenage pregnancies being highest in Kenya compared to other nations in East Africa.

Additionally, this report by a youth based organization committed to reducing teenage pregnancies, shows that every hour, approximately 40 teenage girls fall pregnant. Similarly, the number of domestic violence cases are on the rise as shown by the human rights watch article. These cases that have been reported, represent merely a fraction of the actual effects Covid -19 has had on women and girls.

The state of women being vulnerable is worsening as a result of the dehumanizing and harrowing experiences they are confronted with. For as long as the Covid-19 pandemic lasts, the vulnerability of women and girls causes them to face an uncertain future.

How can we equip women with tools and skills to respond better to the challenges they encounter?

At Alabastron Network Trust, our commitment to women is to equip women to be and become emotionally healthy so that they can continuously improve how they experience their lives. As an organization, we believe that the more women get access to the knowledge and tools to be self-aware, self-managing and more conscious of what they believe about themselves and other people; the better able we will be to reach out to the women and girls facing, unwanted pregnancies, injuries and permanent disability as a result of physical or sexual abuse.

Sometimes society classifies “vulnerable women” by social status or other demographics. But do not be fooled by how well put together a woman appears. In Alabastron we always believe that EVERY woman needs to be equipped with tools for emotional wellness: they may be our sisters, our nieces, our colleagues, our bosses, our friends, our church mates, our school mates. We have women all around us.

Let us become the women who will stand up for other women and change their destinies. We invite you to attend our Online Open Day on Wednesday 5th August by clicking on thelink below. Register yourself and share the link with other women in your networks.



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