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I Am the New Girl in Town

Has an event in your life ever changed you to a point you could not know and find yourself? All you see and find is who people say you are and how they treat you. As a result, you believe them since you are blindfolded with their words and actions. Alabastron like a magnifying glass that enabled me gain clarity of who I am.

I came across Alabastron three years ago when I was surfing on the internet. I was looking for something that would sort me out because I was going through depression. I had a court case over my daughter’s custody. Immediately I started following Alabastron on social media. I realized they had an Open Day and I did not hesitate!   I was looking for something that would sort me out

I continued following up after the open day and attended the open classes. The classes fueled me and sparked micro energies within that made me alive! It had been such a long time since I felt alive! After this experience, I was determined to save up and join come the next season. Nothing would stop me from being alive again!

In my head, I thought Alabastron was a forum that would tell me what to do and how to do it. But Alas! I set up myself for a self-discovery journey that had nothing to do with what I expected. Two years ago, I even visited the founder of Alabastron, Laimani seeking for counseling but she said I should do Renewing Self.

My life was in a total mess. I was fighting for my daughter’s custody and I was in school trying to clear my university degree. The pressure got me stressed out to a point of not understanding myself. I was afraid and anxious about everything. I had suicidal thoughts since I swore to myself to die if I lost my daughter. The stressed poured into most of my relationships, which in turn, made them unhealthy.   The pressure got me stressed up to a point of not understanding myself. I was afraid and anxious about everything!

I attended all church services and programs that touched on women. I read all inspirational books, I read anything I found online until it became a sedative. It numbed my pain. I even sought advices from pastors I knew LOL!! I wanted to hear what people had to say about my problems and myself. I hoped to find myself and connect with my spirit so that I can have my real smile back.

Alabastron gave me my freedom back! I am a free spirit. I have healthy relationships and a healthy relationship with God.

Alabastron gave me my freedom back!! I am a free spirit. I no longer smile and say ‘I am fine’ while I am dying to say I am not fine. I have healthy relationships and I have a good relationship with God. I believe I am the new girl in town. I have a healthy self-esteem and I know who I am. I no longer depend on people for approval. AAWH!! To any woman who is feeling lost, confused gift yourself something this year and enroll for this program because highest probability is whatever you are doing; going out with people, reading books, watching movies will not sort you!


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