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I Have Found What I Was Searching For! I Am Finally Unstuck!

How desperate are you for freedom? What price are you willing to pay to get unstuck in your life and move forward? Is it worth your time, money and energy?

The thought of being totally renewed made me commit to this personal journey.

Six years ago, I watched “My Unspoken” the TV program that Alabastron ran on NTV. I remember Googling and researching Alabastron after watching the program. I even followed Alabastron on social media. In 2018, I finally decided it was time to enroll.

The testimonials and videos I watched assured me that I would be equipped to handle the challenges and situations I was going through.

I was stuck and desperately wanted to get out of that space! Sigh! I was just done! I had carried a rejection tag since I was a child because I was a baby born out of wedlock. The stigma I felt was imprinted in my system.   I was stuck and desperately wanted out

As a result, I resigned from a lucrative job opportunity with an NGO since I had internalized rejection. Still, I strongly felt that God has endowed me with so many gifts and there was no way I was going to live in the shadows. I needed to heal from my emotional pain.

I had lost both my mother and guardian. To add salt on this wound, I had broken up from a relationship that had lasted eight years.

These different situations hit me so hard. I began operating on autopilot! Nothing would make me shed a tear! Nothing at all! In fact, at times I fantasized about the freedom that comes with death. It was that bad!

To cope with my pain, I vented and felt resentment towards God. I felt He allowed me to go through all this pain. I had many unanswered questions. Why did I always lose the people I love? This led me to quit attending church.

  I felt nothing much was happening to my life other than the usual cycle I felt nothing much was happening to my life other than the usual cycle. Get a job, pay bills, wash, save a little, and repeat! I numbed my pain through isolation and secretiveness. Once, an ally described me as mysterious!

I was healed from my emotional pain and I am finally unstuck!

Presently, my life is all about living significantly without being controlled by the pressures of life. I am now confident in my body and skin! I am a confident woman who doesn’t wish she was different! I was healed from my emotional pain and I am finally unstuck! Yay!

I wish all women could go through this life-changing experience. All women should take this journey to overcome societal pressure and live significantly! I would love to encourage women to invest in themselves before they invest in any other thing.

So for you in college, single, married, pursuing your career; if you feel there is no hope and that you have gone too far, enroll for this program! Because I know for sure there is a new beginning!


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