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I have Redefined Myself!

Do you remember yourself as a young girl? Do you remember chasing your dreams with zeal? Do you remember how you believed in yourself? When you prioritized yourself? When you were vibrant and alive? Alabastron was the springboard that enabled me redefine myself and become the girl I once was.

I first heard about Alabastron from my boss whose advice I took seriously after she endorsed the program and requested me to take it.

For the last six years, I had a successful career. I was a perfect wife! Everyone knew we were a perfect couple! I was a perfect friend and a perfect mother of two daughters. I thought I was being at the top of my game! Oooh my! Little did I know!   I was lost. I did know what was happening to me.

Overtime, I could not strike a balance. I was lost. I did not know what was happening to me. The motions of life had taken the best part of me. I was trying to find myself but I felt stuck.

Eventually, it got worse and I began having outbursts. At the slightest provocation, I would have an outburst. I began being absent in my conversations with people who mattered to me. I used to take tea but I would forget the tea I took in a snap of a finger! Can you believe it?

To cope with my agony, I began making time for everyone but me. It numbed the pan since I avoided letting people down. I began shelving my needs. I started a masters I did not complete it. Occasionally, at the back of my mind, I would reflect on my life and I would see the confident woman I was for thirty years.   After Alabastron, I was able to connect the dots and see where I lost my path I yearned to become that woman. I remembered I was full of energy! My lungs were bursting with life! Yet, here I was dead, tired, and lost. I did not know who I was any more and how I got here!

After Alabastron, I was able to connect the dots and see where I lost my path. Finally, I have come to believe that I have something between my ears. I am capable of ascertaining my needs and make correct decisions about my life! I have redefined myself! I am proud because of how far I have come since I have set up my consultancy company and I have enrolled back to campus to complete the masters I began.

After Alabastron, I was able to connect the dots and see where I lost my path

For the longest time, I used expensive make-up but I happened to notice that even my skin has changed. It is more vibrant! When I looked in the mirror, I realized it is different and I can even feel it breathing! My husband is now a happier man. He confessed to me that he is also enjoying the dividends of Alabastron! To any woman who is lost, confused, tired yet aches to redefine herself. Sign Up for this program because for sure it will transform your life!


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