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I Have Stripped! I Have Embraced My Future!

What do you do on your darkest days? How do you view life? How is your inward environment? What do you do when you are tired of losing to life?

I was broken when I learnt about Alabastron. My mother and my cousin told me about it. My cousin was supportive and encouraging to say the least. She promised me if I was interested, she was willing to pay for me. I was in bad shape!!

“This is a life changing program. It was a turning point for me in my life. This program enabled me to look into my life and most of my underlying issues I had been avoiding.” My cousin revealed. With this kind of reference, I wouldn’t avoid taking the program. Anyhow, she was willing to pay for me. I had nothing to lose!   This is a life changing program. It was a turning point for me in my life.

I was heavily pregnant with my second baby. I had not yet graduated. I lost my job since the organization down sized. To make things worse, the father of my children disappeared on me. This disappointment was evident in my parents. They opted to throw me out of the house for getting pregnant. Wow!!

I had a lot going wrong. I would cry day and night. I was praying, but feeling as if God is far away from me. I imagined the whole world was conspiring against me. That was the darkest period of my life. It was a lot for one person to go through it. PHEEWKS! Within me I wished for restoration because I was tired of losing.   I had a lot going on wrong. I would cry day and night. I imagine the whole world was conspiring against me.

Alabastron was my turning point. For real!! My confidence improved. I feel positive about my life and the goals I set. I decided to begin my consultancy firm. I now believe that my past does not determine my future. I even joined a mentoring group for young girls. WOW!! I am proud of myself.

I stripped away shame, guilt, disappointment, fear, unhealthy self-esteem, loser syndrome, hate, sorrow!

I am now self-aware. It has made me certain about my direction in life. I love myself. I have accepted my strengths, weaknesses and understand my flaws. This growth is real in my realistic perspective in life. I have began viewing challenges from a position of; what can I directly change in a particular situation? If I can make a change, I take action. If it is beyond me, I know then I must go through it with fortitude and resilience in confidence that it will not last forever!

I would want for every woman to embrace their future with hope because they can always rewrite their narrative. I would also love for them to know no one is perfect but we are all work in progress to becoming who we believe we can become. Finally, to believe that every situation will pass and it’s ok not to be ok because that is how we grow and unleash ourselves to our greatest potential. So, sign up for this program because it will be your turning point in life!!


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