Transformation Stories

What women who have done alabastron have to say

Two Women, Two Tales...

ELIZABETH: was able to pick herself up again after a bad break up that had serious consequences.

ANNE: has finally calmed down, after having to balance between bringing up kids, a relationship that was headed to the dogs, club hopping and basically hurting herself.

Q: How did you learn about Alabastron?

  First from the Media, then a girlfriend posted in our group.

  First from a bridal shower then I decided to look through the website and find out more about it.

Q: What had other people told you about Alabastron?

  Most said it was an experience and they cannot explain it. It’s one of those experiences that one has to take to get it.

  Most of them had good things to say about Alabastron and highly recommended it to be done whether you had issues in your life or not. Some said it’s something you should do before you die, it should be on a woman's bucket list. Some of them said it was just a bunch of church women who had nothing else to do and that it never worked.

Q: What did you think it was all about?

  I understand why most people call it an experience. My friends have asked me how it is and all I can say is, “it’s an experience you had better take”.

  I myself thought it was a program for empowerment of women, where women can go to meet other women, fellowship together and share ideas on matters of life.

Q: Why did you enroll finally?

  I was at a point in my life where I somewhat knew what I wanted and I had set aside a whole year just to know myself. (Story in the next question) so it was a great investment. My aim of joining was clear:
- Help me leave my burden
- Find my purpose
- Stand for myself and be independent

  I enrolled so that I could just see what was this Alabastron “thing” people kept talking about and to see if it would help me.

Q: What specifically was happening in your life?

  2014 Dec I was dumped by my boyfriend of 3 years who just said he wanted to start a new chapter in his life and first we needed to break up...this was on text by the way. He came back after three months and was clear that we were to settle down etc. Fast forward, he dumped me again. This time said nasty things about me and left... just like that. I had others to fall back on.
At that moment I was still struggling with addictions and I felt unworthy before God so I stopped going to church. I was scared and timid but could fake courage.
So Alabastron to me at this point was recommended by my friend who learnt that I was dating this man and marriage was in the picture. I asked him to hold the proposal until I clear the program.

  I was having issues with my life, my relationship was going to the dogs, my job was just not feeling right, raising the kids was becoming too much on me. I kept blaming myself and others around me for my decisions. I was relationship hopping, club hopping and basically doing things that were hurting only me. I shut out those who loved me because I didn't want to be criticized and told of my wrongs.

Q: What had you done to try and sort yourself out?

  1. Reading Inspirational books. I wish I could share how many...a whole list of them
2. Audios that pushed me every morning
3. Groups
4. The "Secret" - Law of Attraction
5. Consultations

  I don't think I had done anything really, I basically bought books that I thought would help me but I didn't have the discipline and the courage to want to change my life.

Q: What were you hoping for?

  Change. I just needed to find myself

  I was just hoping for a better life, fulfillment in my life.

Q: What specifically has changed?

  Decision making. I am not scared of what my family will say in the open or in secret.
I find peace in the Word of God. So I read, pray and listen.
I live for the truth and no longer faking things. I met my friend who told me that I have really changed and she could not really point out what but she said I look and talk like a different person.

  I don't shout at my kids or anyone else for that matter. I am now calmer. My belief system has changed from ‘I can't do this to ‘I am able to’ and ‘I am a woman of strength’. I know how to set boundaries. I am able to say no to something I am not comfortable with and I have stopped seeking to please other people.

Q: What would you like to share with a woman who is going through the same kind of things you were experiencing when you enrolled?

  Better enroll now and start living life!!!! What are you waiting for?

  I would tell them that they do not have to continue living the way that they have been living that there is another way of life, another positive belief system and that life is beautiful if we choose to have God as the center of our lives. They should stop living the way society wants them to live.

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