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What women who have done alabastron have to say

A Son's Voice to Mothers!

Prior to my mum doing the Renewing Self Program at Alabastron, I did not understand what was really going on. I was bitter about what was going on at home – my relationship with my mother and father was not ideal and it translated to my school life and my personal relationships with other people especially other women, both authoritative and platonic.

For a long time I hated women! I did not like the idea of a woman in my life because of the pain my mother had caused me. Every time I needed someone, there was nobody there! I would go and hide somewhere because I didn't want to see her

For most of my childhood, I didn’t have a mum, I had a mother. I had to learn a lot of what I know from trial and error. Some decisions cost me a lot! There are a few times I sat and thought ‘let me approach her’. The few times I did, I would get into trouble for it. [...]

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Alabastron Led Me to Marriage!

Why on earth would she be calling me? After all we had fallen out! In 2012, a friend whom we had fallen out with called and asked to visit. I was surprised as we had not spoken for years. She came and we spent an evening together. I observed that she had really changed! There was calmness around her and even though we didn’t discuss the issues that led to our fall-out, we talked about past years and as she left, I asked her, “What happened to you?” she said, “I went for a course. I would recommend it to you. It is transformational! Look up Alabastron on Google.” And that was it!

I went to the Alabastron Network Trust website out of curiosity. By the end of the following day, I had googled, and signed up for the Alabastron Renewing Self Program. At that point I was single and very active in church but I had lots of anger and bitterness with my mum, big sister and some friends. [...]

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Skeptical? Why Should They Do This Class?

When I saw communication about Miale, I didn't think it was for me...i felt I was doing ok in my "God space" and that I didn't really require a program to grow in that space. I've done many programs and I just was not sure if this was what I needed I was ready to do "Revamp Confidence" which did not kick off at that time so I decided to give Miale a try...pretty sure that if it didn't work for me I'd just drop out.

Miale has helped me realize that where I thought I was OK with God was a mask because I had given up on having a real, vibrant and authentic relationship with God. It opened me up to a space of being authentic and real with God as my loving Father. [...]

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I Hated Any Indication Suggesting That I Am Beautiful, Whether Verbal, Written Or Imagined

At the point where I signed up for the Alabastron Renewing Self programme, I was going through a lot in my life. I could not explain it to anyone not even to myself, why I was extremely bitter. I was a very sad person on the inside yet all smiles on the outside and I had perfected this art such that nobody would ever imagine/suspect that I had any issues at all.

I always felt unloved, not confident, rejected, unworthy and as if I was on my own in this world. I had convinced myself that nobody loved me enough to stand by me. I experienced a lot of emptiness and great fear in my life. As much as all these feelings were eating me up; I always pretended that I was doing well and that I was indeed very happy.

This would only work for as long as I could put up the show and eventually I could just lose it by snapping at people and breaking down. I could never put a finger on exactly what was eating me up. I also had the tendency, and it gave me a high to solve other people's problems by giving them justifiable solutions only as a cover up for my struggle. [...]

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I Have Decided Not To Let Fear Fuel Me To Take A Leap Of Faith

  I consider Sandra a charming girl. During my interaction with her, I experienced a lot of fresh energy, enthusiasm about life and a cool fine breath in her way of expressing self. I must also say she comes out to me as courageous and almost daring. Here is my brief interview with her. - (Coach Beatrice)


How did you get to know about Alabastron?

  Through MY UNSPOKEN, reading ALL the stories in the website and from Dr. Amakove Wala who recommended it.

What did you know it was all about?

  I knew it was about women letting out their issues and dealing with them

At the point where you made the decision to enrol, what specifically was happening in your life that you wanted to deal with?


  • I had parted ways with my fiancée and although I was relieved and at peace I had not dealt with the situation. The emotional and physical abuse I had gone through affected my self esteem and left a void in me.
  • I also had new born twin boys and ...

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