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After 15 Years Working In The Corporate World

When I first heard about Alabastron (through my church -Mavuno Kampala), I was skeptical yet curious at the same time. After 15 years working in the corporate world, I have done my fair share of courses with the more recent ones particularly targeted at women in leadership. So it was with a certain level of arrogance fuelled by curiosity, that I enrolled and attended one of the catch up sessions since I had missed the open day. After the first class I realized that this was like no other course I had done.

By nature, I am a leader and I thrive on focusing on others both at work and in my personal life. As a first born child I have always had that sense of responsibility for my younger ones instilled in me so now, having to look inward and start to work on myself was a huge challenge. The topics covered were very significant and touched me on a very deep level as I had alot of things buried deep which I now needed to confront and overcome. I realised that my usual excuses of being too busy or not having time were no longer valid...I had to face my demons and change alot of negative behaviours that had become the norm in my life. [...]

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I Don't Need Any One To Sort Out My Life!!!

I heard about Alabastron through My colleague at the office but also had seen the program on TV some years back and I really liked it and wished I was the one up there. For many years I was battling with, rejection, unforgiveness and over the years have read many books I have volumes of them on forgiving and loving again, healing emotional, damaged heart, your rejection is showing up and many more but nothing worked, I have even gone to a counselor but I still go back to the old self.

Having been rejected by 3 men at the point where the relationship is grown and almost getting married, having a mother that I was not getting along for many years, losing a job and had to discontinue school because of that and just a few months before I joined the class, dealing with a divorce it was too much weight on my shoulders. This made me bitter, angry to self and others, and I even started drinking alcohol secretly and dating a non-Christian (yet I was a believer) even before the divorce was over. [...]

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For The First Time In My Life I Felt Free, Liberated...

Early this year, I decided to work on myself. I was tired of feeling tired and empty inside. I wanted to make sense out of my life. I had a very negative outlook towards life and my life was mainly driven by fear. All the decisions and actions I took were driven by all kinds of fear. I had read so many self-help books on how to transform one's life but I never felt the impact they had in my life. I knew something was amiss but I did not know what it was and how to address it.

I had heard of Alabastron some years back through ‘My unspoken’ a TV program which aired on one of the local TV stations in 2013. I never really got to follow the production but it got me curious. I then started my search on Google about Alabastron and read any article I could lay my hands on regarding the program. I did not want to waste my time and I had always been skeptical about transformational programs.
I thought Alabastron was just one of those feel good, self-help women group meetings. But something kept on urging me to do their program. Despite my skepticism, I enquired from the team and enrolled but at the back of my mind I was telling myself I would drop out if it turned out to be what I suspected. [...]

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They Called Me A Serial Dater...

I learnt about Alabastron for the first time a couple of years back but never really bothered to know the details. Fast forward to last year, my friend, who has been a strong advocate of the program in our group of friends, finally convinced me. I attended the open day and I knew I had to sign up there and then.

My friend had said it will help me rediscover myself, bounce back, deal with issues and situations I have been avoiding but needed to address.

At first I thought it was a place for counseling women with a-trailer-load of issues. I knew I needed help but I did not think my issues were at Alabastron level. LOL.

In the past two years I had been jumping from ‘relationship’ to ‘relationship’. I had had about 8 short relationships in two years. [...]

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