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I Am a Happier Woman Because I Have Designed the Life I Want to Live!

I learnt about Alabastron from my mother, she mentioned it on a phone call and said it was a training she wanted me to attend. I was compelled to attend by virtue of her being my mother, also, I was home for the holidays. 2018 had been a tough one for me. I had gone through an extended depressive episode. I had wanted to quit school because I felt like it was sucking the life out of me. I had chosen to pursue a bachelor's degree in Mining Engineering and after two years of studies, it just felt like I did not have it in me to follow through.

This experience took a tumble on my self-esteem. Growing up, I believed I was smart and that was a big part of my identity, yet here I was flunking out of university. What that meant was that a big part of my identity got chipped off. I felt lost. I secluded myself and drowned in my misery because I did not know how to tell the people around me. [...]

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I'm a Free, Bolder Woman!

You should join a program called Alabastron. An interesting program, I wish I had attended it even before I got married, I’ll have learnt so much. You’ll learn how to handle things   That’s what my sister in law, Magdalene Nzomo, told me about Alabastron roughly two or three years ago. I had just shared with her about the cycle I was experiencing with men in my dating space. At the moment, I had just been dumped after an engagement and marriage plans! Ouch! I had a lot of unanswered questions, disappointment and hurt.

On sharing the information with me, I told her, “I’ll look into it.” I never did.

Much later, I decided to take the program because I felt I couldn’t live life in guilt. In 2019, I lost my father abruptly on 17th May. My deepest pain was that before he died, I had a big confrontation with him in January. I even refused to go home for Easter Holidays. I had lashed out on him that I screamed at him, cried bitterly and said things I wished I had not. [...]

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My Journey of understanding love

I experienced frustration in my love space over and over again! I kept asking myself, “What is it was I doing wrong? Why was I unable to have and maintain healthy relationships?” This dilemma led me to take the program.

During the program it dawned on me that what I believed affected the reality I was facing. I had believed that my social status was not good enough to attract what I perceived as good men. This made me feel ashamed.

My greatest highlight was to be able to share my experience in a vulnerable and authentic way in a safe space. I realized that despite all that is around me and my physical attributes, I have a treasure within me. This led me to begin valuing myself, remove the pressure to settle down because of my age being that I am in my mid-thirties. I now seek my identity in this space as a child of God and not from the varies roles I play in life. [...]

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Champions of Significance

If you learnt about a solution that people in your life would benefit from but the proximity isn’t favorable for them to access this solution, what would you do? Well, guess what? Dr. Carol Chakua was fired up to take Alabastron home. So, she sought for help from her friends and it’s been three years since Alabastron Eldoret kicked off!!!

These kind of women in Alabastron are known as Champions of Significance. These women are using the light on their candles to light their world so that all women in Kenya can experience significance.

On experiencing her awakening through the program, she couldn’t stop talking about it with friends and family. A friend, Lilian Mayande, took her chance and travelled each week in Nairobi to take the program. This friend has been a pillar to her taking the program back home. Alabastron celebrate the Eldoret team’s dedication and passion three years down the line!! [...]

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I Have Regained Mutual Trust and Love With My Teenage Daughter

My 13 year old daughter seemed to be going through some difficulty in how she was processing her emotions. Although we are very close, it seemed like something was eluding me. I took her to Alabastron to understand her better and to have clarity on what she was facing. She was having emotional challenges; she looked sad and stressed most of the time. She was dropping in her school work and was beginning to be an easy target for bullies

During the Princess Princessa progam, she was happier than she had been in ages. She looked lighter and fearless as she downloaded every issue in her heart to the coach and in the small groups. As she listened to others, she realized she was not the only one facing teenage hood issues. That realization came as a shock to her and she realized that she can overcome her challenge with a good support.

She is now easier to relate to. We are friends. She now shares her challenges with me effortlessly. She even requests to see a counselor when she feels overwhelmed. This self-awareness made us understand that the anxiety and ADHD medication have enabled become more efficient. This made us realize that our decision to not medicate when she was younger was costing us our daughter. Her school performance has improved. She is less secretive. [...]

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