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The Inner State Of Women In Kenya

- Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic

The immediate effects of the impact of COVID 19 pandemic have been felt first hand by women and girls. A UN policy brief on the impact of Covid 19 on women, indicates that there has been an increase gender-based violence cases and teenage pregnancies.

According to the government statics, the ratio of men dying from the virus is higher than women. This would result in economic and social insecurity for women and children. Reduced or loss of income as a result of retrenchments and closure of businesses, has only exacerbated the problem.

Six months ago, the first Covid-19 case was confirmed in Kenya. In the last three months, the effects of the virus on the country’s economic, social, health and political pillars has been unprecedented.

School children have been sent home, some workers have lost their jobs or been sent home on indefinite unpaid leave. The Government swiftly put in place measures to restrict movements both within the country and internationally and enforced social distancing in an effort to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. [...] Read More

I Rewrote My Plan to Become Free and at Peace with Myself!

All my life I didn’t want to accept that indeed I needed help and that It’s okay to ask for help; but in August 2019, my life hit rock bottom. I was a post 2months suicide survivor (had attempted suicide in June), was clinically depressed, dependent on sleeping pills and anti-depressants and to make matters worse my close to 5years relationship ended.

I was mentally, physically and emotionally drained and broken, I constantly had mental breakdowns and my anxiety was at its peak. My relationship with my dad was unhealthy and it was affecting all my other relationships especially with the man I had in my life then. I was holding onto my mum’s death for 16years.

I tried everything to fix my situation. From therapy, I switched from one therapist to another, to meditation; it didn’t work because I couldn’t bring myself to be still and focus for more than 5minutes, to talking to friends and close family members which didn’t help either. At some point I didn’t even know or understand what was going on in my life, I really didn’t have the right words to explain my problem. All I longed for was peace, inner peace and inner healing. But when they all didn’t work out for me, it left me feeling more broken, exhausted and tired of life. I gave up and thought that probably it was my destiny to succumb to depression, and I was patiently waiting for my death! [...]

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I Am Progressively Improving on Myself to Redefine Myself!

Have you found yourself with the same results over and over again? Deep down you know something isn't right yet you cannot put a finger on it? Are you tired of being in the patterns? Alabastron has helped me understand myself and progressively work on my issues.

A few years back, I was in a relationship which deep inside me even before entering the relationship and during it, I knew I should not have been in there. After the relationship ended, I told myself that I will not get into another relationship until I figure out what took me into that relationship in the first place. I first started with my body. I started working out because I felt I was physically unattractive in an attempt to boost my esteem. But inside, I still felt like there was no exercise I could do.

I heard about Alabastron from my sister.
Every time I called her and told her about something that was going on in my life, she would always answered, "You need to do Alabastron."

At the time, I wondered what was this that she felt would impact so many aspects of my life. To be honest, I did Alabastron to quiet her and get her off my back. I always say I arrived at Alabastron bleeding from so many places and it is a hard thing to say so because I had a good job, very good friends, family but inside I was wondering how is it I had ticked so many boxes and yet I was still unhappy. [...]

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My Eyes Are Open I Am Enough Just as I Am!

I have always imagined myself as weird or dorky or the piece that never fits into the puzzle properly. I have succumbed to societal pressure in an effort to fit in into what is deemed perfect or normal. But a number of times I have failed miserably. I did exactly every opposite thing expected of me by society.


I didn't pass my exams; ever despite having always been a good performer, I didn't join university My family always thought me as a bright kid but I failed my exams since I never brought the A or even B they expected from me, I got a child out of wedlock and I have never really followed the patterns invisibly drawn by the society.

I got to know about Alabastron years back from my friend who's aunty attended the program. I was in my early 20's but I somehow knew that I had to attend it. years passed but it's when pressures of relationships, work and life overweighed me that I instantly remembered that there was a sanctuary I could try and get direction from. [...]

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I Can Finally Breathe and Enjoy the Freedom!

I learnt about Alabastron from a stranger. I met this lady outside a psychiatrist’s office, and we began taking about life and she suggested the program to me. She spoke so passionately about the program and how it saved her and restored her marriage. A few weeks later a coworker sent me a poster on WhatsApp. I purposed to attend the first class; the interesting part is it coincided with my mom’s nine year anniversary since her death.

Before joining Alabastron, I was nervous. I was afraid of exposing my hurts and secrets for fear of judgement. People saw me as this confident and well put together person yet I was afraid that I would be discovered to be a fraud. In the first class, I remember being tasked to trust the process. Then I thought for the longest time I had tried doing things my way and I was tired of barely holding on to life. During this time, I was depressed, sad, and holding on to a string of toxic habits and relationships. I felt lost and the woman I had hoped to be was just but a distant vision [...]

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